Purple Pyjama Bottoms

PJ1Continuing my exploration of ‘Love at First Stitch’ by Tilly Walnes of Tilly and the Buttons, my next project was the ‘Margot Pyjamas’. I had a pair of pyjama bottoms which had recently worn out and rather than get rid of the whole set, I found this purple fabric from my stash, which I thought would complement the dusky green top.

I made size 22 and used my woven stash fabric, which had no stretch.  They did fit around my hips and bum and, although wearable, were a little bit snug around this area, while being very wide at my calves.  I tripped up a couple of times, catching my big toe at the hem, but I would definitely put that down to my clumsiness as much as the fit of the pjs – wearing slippers helped to solve this problem.

PJ2I made them with the draw-string, having perfected the technique on my Kindle cover, but I think I would probably prefer them with an elasticated waist.  The instructions were very clear though, and I’ll definitely be making some more, but with the following adjustments:

  • Use a knit fabric
  • Make the waist elasticated
  • Taper the legs to the ankles by a couple of inches


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