Purple and Green Scribble T-Shirt

Purple Scribble T-ShirtWhile I was in the mood for night wear, I decided to try copying a pyjama top that I find very comfy and flattering which was starting to wear out.  I had a lovely t-shirt fabric from Abakhan’s in Manchester sitting in my stash, which would be perfect for this pattern.  I was hoping to end up with a t-shirt, that I could throw on with my jeans for a casual look.

I drew around the t-shirt/pyjama top onto some large sheets of tissue paper to create my pattern and then used this to cut out my fabric.  This is where my big mistake happened – no seam allowances!    The main issues were that it was much shorter than I would usually wear a t-shirt, the neck line either gaped at the front or pulled tight as it sat off one shoulder, and there was gaping at the arm holes.  The resulting t-shirt was tighter than intended, which actually improved it, as the original top was just a little too roomy for outside wear.  This is not an item of clothing I would wear out of the house, but it was an interesting experiment in copying clothing and an experience that will hopefully prevent me forgetting seam allowances next time.

I may come back to this pattern in the future and see if I can adjust it to make it more wearable.


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