Patchwork Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers (front)We recently bought a new sofa to replace the one that my mum gave me when I moved into the house nearly four years ago.  It had lasted well considering it was second-hand, but it was beginning to sag.  The new sofa came without cushions, and being purple (the old sofa was red), the cushions we had wouldn’t match.  More practical uses for my sewing hobby – fantastic!

I had previously made some patch work cushions out of old clothes and fabric remnants, which turned out okay, but looked very home-made.  There was some knit fabric among the pattern and I hadn’t used anything to stabilise it.  This meant there were parts of the cushions that had bagged out in strange ways. The cats didn’t seem to mind and found them comfy enough cushions for the office window sill.

Cushion Covers (back)With these latest cushions I decided to use new fabrics and triangular patterns.  I drafted and measured the pieces out, then laid out all of the pieces to figure out the best placement, with some help from my boyfriend.  I had five different patterns.  I decided that I would make the back of the cushions from a single piece of four of the fabrics, and then the fronts would be a patchwork using the four other fabrics not on the back.  That way the four cushions would definitely be a set.

The whole thing went very well, except that they were a bit baggy on the cushions when completed, so I ordered some more cushions and sewed two together for each of the covers.  I decided for simplicity, and to avoid any zips or buttons that might stick out uncomfortably when hugging the cushions, that I would just hand sew to close them up.  It would be easy enough to unpick and re-sew when the covers needed washing.


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