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It has been several years since I last posted in the Vivid Kitty blog, but it feels more like several lifetimes. My previous posts were very personal and came at a time when my life felt out of my control. My enjoyment of sewing and the support that came from blogging both helped me through that difficult time.

When my life moved on I very quickly stopped sewing and blogging, mainly from a lack of inspiration. I was really only making tote bags and blogging about my woes at that time.

Now, over four years later, I have a very different life. I am settled and happy, and I have several hobbies that are beginning to stand the test of time. Sewing is one of my favourite ways to spend my time, especially now I’m expanding my skills and making clothes that I can wear. When I’m not in my sewing cave, I love reading the many sewing blogs that exist, whether written by professional or amateur sewers.

And now I have decided to add blogging back into my list of hobbies. Now that I’ve removed my old, embarrassingly personal, posts, I’ll provide a quick catch up of the sewing projects I have undertaken since the renewal of my hobby in April 2014 (all posts dated before this one). Then, I’ll just see how things develop.

This blog is mainly just a record for me of my projects and sewing thoughts, and I have the intention of posting on the completion of each new project and joining in with some of the community events that occur in the sewing bloggers’ world.

Unfortunately, I’ve just missed Me-Made-May, but I’ll probably still post on it anyway.


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