Bathroom Book Tidy

Bathroom TidyFollowing the success of my amp covers, I decided to make a bathroom book tidy using the same fabric re-claimed from the old canvas wardrobe. I wanted to have a space in my bathroom for loo books and puzzle magazines, but there isn’t enough space for a book shelf or small table to put them on. I’d wondered for a while whether I might be able to make something using the over the door towel holder as a frame. So, I took a few measurements, made a couple of sketches and, after some more straight lines of sewing, I’m very happy with the result.

There is only one tweak I’d like to make, and that’s to have attached the tape which holds the top two corners up on a diagonal. It’s only a minor problem and just me being over-critical, as usual, so I’m going to leave it as it is and progress onto some more interesting (and difficult) projects.

Do you ever find you are completely happy with your projects, or is there always something you’d like to change?


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