Guitar and Bass Amp Covers

Guitar Amp CoverOne of my other hobbies is playing the bass guitar, which pairs perfectly with my boyfriend’s love of music (including playing the electric guitar). We each have an amp that we use for practicing and intimate gigs, as well as a more powerful one that we use for performances at larger venues. There are times when the performance amps may spend quite a bit of time gathering dust in the corner of our music room, especially if we are doing mainly smaller gigs that don’t need too much volume or we’re focusing on acoustic music.

Having decided to return to sewing after a break of over four years, my first couple of projects were self-drafted amplifier covers to protect these performance amps during their quiet times. All straight lines, and with no fastenings needed, these were perfect refresher projects. The fabric was the covering from an old dismantled canvas wardrobe, so I didn’t even have to invest in materials.

2010 07 02 No (2) ps01When I was last sewing I made a tissue box cover, so I simply used the same principal to make a rectangular cover with a hole in the middle for the handle of the amp.

When I measured up, I left plenty of room to accommodate the power cables wrapped at the back of the amps, but once completed this left too much saggy fabric at the back. To fix this, I unpicked the back of the covers and then tapered the sides up to the top until it was the size of the top of the amp. It worked well and, although they are still a little baggy, they do the required job. A successful return to sewing!

Do you have any hobbies that overlap in unexpected ways?


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