Rockabilly Blouse

Rockabilly ShirtSince my first attempt at making a blouse (Red and White Spot Blouse) I’d always intended to make another, and this was the perfect first project for my new sewing machine.  It has an automatic button hole function, so I didn’t need to worry about creating them manually at the end of the project.

I had some skulls and flames fabric in my stash which would make a perfect rockabilly blouse, again using McCalls M6036 (size 22 – D cup).  I didn’t make any adjustments from the previous blouse, as I was lucky enough for this size to fit me straight from the pattern.  It took half the time that I spent on my first blouse, although it took over a month in actual time due to my busy schedule.

Everything went perfectly with this project – I believe that I have found my first TNT pattern.


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