Chair Cover for Cape Beauty

One of my very good friends decided to become self-employed earlier this year.  She is an incredibly good beauty therapist and masseuse, and I would recommend Astrid of Cape Beauty to anyone who can get to Selby in North Yorkshire for an appointment.  She has recently moved to new premises and has been busily preparing her treatment room.  One of the items that she has in her room is a comfy chair, but the covering didn’t match the new colour scheme, so I offered to make her a cover.  I took away the old cover and some fabric she had chosen, and got started on the project.

Astrid's ChairI’m not sure why I took the cover without even looking at the chair, but I had to do the best I could just measuring parts of the cover.   It had been made by her grandmother and so I wasn’t going to unpick it.  When it was complete, I dropped it off with Astrid at her home, and promised to make any alterations that might be required – I was very concerned that it would be too small, as she’d told me that the old cover was a very tight fit.  I’d resisted adding in any extra ease to my measurements, just in case, as I didn’t want it to be too loose, but I was beginning to wonder it this was a good move. I was relying on the accuracy of my measurements and precise sewing, and I was incredibly relieved when arrive at work the next morning and sent me this photo…

Phew! Next time I will definitely take measurements from the item of furniture to avoid unnecessary panic, but this time I got away with it.  I was pleased with the end result and, more importantly, so was Astrid.


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