Mother Squirrel

For me, one of the most enjoyable things about having a garden is the wildlife.  We see lots of birds and butterflies, at least one fox and several squirrels.  I love watching them all.  But, although I know there are people who have differing views, I was really surprised to get the following reply when I posted a video on Facebook of a squirrel feeding in our garden.

“I hate squirrels, they dig my plants up, and at work they scatter rubbish out of the bins everywhere, and they’re mass murderers of newly hatched birds, there’s far too many of them with too few predators able to keep their numbers in check.”

For some reason, I can’t post the video on my blog, but here’s a screenshot.

I’m not going to argue with his comments — they are his experiences, thoughts and feelings.  As far as I’m concerned, this squirrel has obviously recently had babies, and I’m more than happy for her to raid the birds’ peanuts to feed herself up, so she can provide them with the milk they need. The End.

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