Me-Made-May 2015

After watching Me-Made-May 2014 from the side-lines, I had very good intentions to participate in Me-Made-May 2015.  Then, before I knew it, we were half way through May and I hadn’t even considered my pledge.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Me-Made-May, the official description on its creator’s blog (So Zo What Do You Know?) is “Me-Made-May’15 (#mmmay15 for social media interaction) is a challenge designed to encourage people who sew/knit/crochet/refashion/upcycle garments for themselves to actually wear and love them.”   The main types of pledges that people make include:

  • Wearing at least one (or two) me-made garment each day for the month of May 2015 – some people include jewellery, bags and pyjamas in the count
  • Wearing at least one handmade item five days a week during the month (or another number of days)
  • Wearing whole me-made outfits (sometimes even including undies)

Although the challenge is not designed to be about blogging or making new items, some people see it as a good opportunity to pledge specific new makes, finishing off their procrastinated projects, photographing each days outfit, more regular blogging and sorting out their wardrobes.  You can find some photos on the Official Flickr Group

Missing this year’s challenge was part of my motivation for re-igniting my blog. I have also decided to use it to document my preparation for MMM16 and a challenge of wearing 100% me-mades during May 2016 (excluding underwear).  This will require at least two pairs of jeans, two pairs of trousers, one matching jacket, fourteen new tops, two pairs of pyjamas and a summer coat.  Ideally, I’d also like to find some flattering, comfortable patterns for clothes I wouldn’t usually wear, such as a work dress, a work skirt and a casual dress.

Well that should keep me busy for the next year!

How do you decide what to make next?  Do you plan ahead or pick and choose on whim?